Bayesian Inference

Computational Models of Behavior, part 2

How to fit reinforcement learning models to behavioral data using Bayesian inference. This part is focused on the hierarchical Bayesian modeling and particularly on the usage of hBayesDM package. Approaches for the model diagnostic, selection, validation are discussed. The post also goes over groups comparison using posterior distributions of model parameters. Additionally, a brief results comparison between Bayesian inference and Maximum Likelihood Estimation is provided.

Who would you rather date, Bayes Factor or p-value? (in Russian)

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Frequentist and Bayesian statistics? In this tutorial we went over the basic concepts of both approaches using inference for a proportion as an example.

Who would you rather date, Bayes Factor or p-value?

Frequentist vs Bayesian battle is one of the “hot” topics in the statistics world. In this post, we will go over the differences between Frequentist and Bayesian approaches using the hypothesis testing for a population proportion. Note that the goal is to introduce the idea of both approaches, rather than selecting "the best" one.

Bayes Rule Calculator

Bayes Rule and Disease Testing

Learn how you can update your prior beliefs using Bayes rule with the disease testing as an example.