Recent & Upcoming Talks


Introduction to Python

This introductory tutorial covers the very first steps how to start working with Python (installation, different IDEs, where to get help, and resources to learn Python) and brings you closer to the first coding.

Who would you rather date, Bayes Factor or p-value? (in Russian)

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Frequentist and Bayesian statistics? In this tutorial we went over the basic concepts of both approaches using inference for a proportion as an example.


How to start career in Data (in Russian)

In this episode of DEVrepublik podcast I talked about my story how I got into Data Science field (spoiler, electronic engineering-fitness-marketing-data) and discussed what main skills are needed for a fresh data enthusiast.

Statistical Hypothesis Testing (in Russian)

Main idea of the Null Hypothesis Significance Testing. Intuition behind the p-value. How to perform t-tests, ANOVA, Binomial Test and Chi-squared Test.

Packages for Data Visualization (in Russian)

The main types of charts. How to build graphs in Python using matplotlib, seaborn and plotly packages.

Intro to NumPy, pandas & SymPy (in Russian)

Overview of Python numpy, pandas and sympy packages for Data Science.